My angels

My angels

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The dream is ALIVE

ok friends so i haven't posted since before Christmas! i feel like i'm finally getting out of the cold dark days of winter and getting back into my groove.  i am loving this sunshine.

so, i have had this dream of making lip balm.  i am totally addicted to lip gloss, chapstick, anything to ease the dry lips (since the 6th grade).  i am not a fan of putting petroleum based substances on my lips, if i don't have to.  now is the time to make the switch for good!

if you don't know i am a sucker for homemade, local and all natural stuff, so i gave a shot at the lip balm making myself.  after much research and waiting for all of my precious ingredients and supplies i have finally begun making one of my many dreams come true.  i've been making batch after batch trying to find the perfect cocktail.  the first one was a little too hard, the second one was just pretty good, 3rd try definitely too soft- it has felt a bit like Goldylocks and her adventure.  i think today is the day that i created the perfect one!  i am so excited i can barely stand it.  i thought i would post the few pix i took while the process was taking place.  please join me on this journey. i'm so excited about all the possibilities!

here are the ingredients i've been using.

beeswax -from our neighbor beekeepers  Sandridge and Sons Honey
organic olive oil
organic coconut oil
sweet almond oil
cocoa butter
vegan shea butter
vitamin E oil
orange oil