My angels

My angels

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Precious P

This summer is in full swing here in Hanover. Most days its feeling over 100 degrees and our garden is producing lots of tomatoes and peppers- as usual.  My squash and zucchini were a no go and the eggplant is looking a bit on the frail side.  We've had a lot of fun tending to our gardens and harvesting veggies.  After a target trip for school supplies for our soon to be kindergartner today, we hung out mostly in the house.  I took advantage of using up some fresh veggies and fruits that were in the refrigerator.  I made tomato sauce with sausage from our friends at Dragonfly Farms, and of course Greenhearts Farm signature seasonings.  We also baked up some cereal bars that i saw on Blue Sky Confections blog.  They are delicious! The boys also helped me decorate a letter P that i cut out of plywood.  My husband had been giving me a hard time because i had to get the jigsaw "right now" a few weeks ago to cut out a P.  After i impulsively cut out the letter it sat in the shed for weeks until i got around to decorating it today.  He just informed me that the picture doesn't do the "P" justice- it's much prettier in person he says.  At any rate we used spanish moss and glued it on. We all had a good time and the boys were great helpers.  Our mess was minimal.  I need to invest in a better camera so that these fantastic foods will look more appealing.

Friday, April 29, 2011


The boys and I went Strawberry picking the other day at Mt. Olympus Farm in Caroline County.  It was a beautiful day and we had so much fun.  We picked 12lbs of strawberries.  I made lots of popsicles, froze a bunch of berries and tried my hand again at making strawberry jam.  We got syrup again.  It's ok now we have toppings for pancakes, oatmeal, ice cream and to use in smoothies.  So I just wanted to share this quick and easy recipe. My dear friend Carol McDaid shared this recipe with me.  She had us over for an Easter egg hunt last week and pulled these pops out of the freezer, they are amazing and oh so good for you too!


2-4 cups of fresh (or frozen) Strawberries (cut into halves or quarters)

1/2 cup cane sugar

2 Tablespoons (a little more if you use 4 cups of strawberries) of Lemon juice or OJ (i used OJ)

put them in the blender or food processor and then puree them for about 30-60 seconds.

pour into popsicle containers OR (like Carol did which is brilliant) pour into little paper dixie cups and place a large popsicle stick in the middle.

place in the freezer and within a few hours you have some yummy SLAMMIN' STRAWBERRY POPS!
Hugs and love. 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The dream is ALIVE

ok friends so i haven't posted since before Christmas! i feel like i'm finally getting out of the cold dark days of winter and getting back into my groove.  i am loving this sunshine.

so, i have had this dream of making lip balm.  i am totally addicted to lip gloss, chapstick, anything to ease the dry lips (since the 6th grade).  i am not a fan of putting petroleum based substances on my lips, if i don't have to.  now is the time to make the switch for good!

if you don't know i am a sucker for homemade, local and all natural stuff, so i gave a shot at the lip balm making myself.  after much research and waiting for all of my precious ingredients and supplies i have finally begun making one of my many dreams come true.  i've been making batch after batch trying to find the perfect cocktail.  the first one was a little too hard, the second one was just pretty good, 3rd try definitely too soft- it has felt a bit like Goldylocks and her adventure.  i think today is the day that i created the perfect one!  i am so excited i can barely stand it.  i thought i would post the few pix i took while the process was taking place.  please join me on this journey. i'm so excited about all the possibilities!

here are the ingredients i've been using.

beeswax -from our neighbor beekeepers  Sandridge and Sons Honey
organic olive oil
organic coconut oil
sweet almond oil
cocoa butter
vegan shea butter
vitamin E oil
orange oil