My angels

My angels

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Precious P

This summer is in full swing here in Hanover. Most days its feeling over 100 degrees and our garden is producing lots of tomatoes and peppers- as usual.  My squash and zucchini were a no go and the eggplant is looking a bit on the frail side.  We've had a lot of fun tending to our gardens and harvesting veggies.  After a target trip for school supplies for our soon to be kindergartner today, we hung out mostly in the house.  I took advantage of using up some fresh veggies and fruits that were in the refrigerator.  I made tomato sauce with sausage from our friends at Dragonfly Farms, and of course Greenhearts Farm signature seasonings.  We also baked up some cereal bars that i saw on Blue Sky Confections blog.  They are delicious! The boys also helped me decorate a letter P that i cut out of plywood.  My husband had been giving me a hard time because i had to get the jigsaw "right now" a few weeks ago to cut out a P.  After i impulsively cut out the letter it sat in the shed for weeks until i got around to decorating it today.  He just informed me that the picture doesn't do the "P" justice- it's much prettier in person he says.  At any rate we used spanish moss and glued it on. We all had a good time and the boys were great helpers.  Our mess was minimal.  I need to invest in a better camera so that these fantastic foods will look more appealing.

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