My angels

My angels

Friday, November 19, 2010

Fixed, Fire and Food

My morning started out around 5am.  We had one child that peed in the bed and the other one was up and ready to go at 5am.  I played musical beds last night which is nothing new in this here house.  My body is used to functioning on limited sleep since we welcomed our first baby boy 4 years ago.  That is why God made caffeine.  I drank a big ol' cup o Joe and hurried the crew to get dressed.  I tried to excite them with the idea that we were taking Charlie to the vet.  Yeah, it was still a bit of a struggle, but we've had worse days I can assure you.  We took Charlie, our 9mo Golden Retriever to get neutered today. I hope it calms him down a wee bit.  Wishful thinking, hey it works.

I managed to get a little sewing in after I stripped all the beds and did my housewifely duty of dishes and laundry.  I love having fresh sheets on all the beds.  It's heavenly.

I built my first fire in the fireplace all by myself today, well Gabriel tried to help.  I feel like I'm in a cabin in the woods with a fire going and it makes me feel delightfully peaceful.  It mesmerizes me.  I made some pretty delicious blueberry muffins but I will not be putting any pictures of those up.  They taste yummy but look far from charming.  I will post the recipe tomorrow because I'd like to tweak it just a bit more before I share it with my fellow followers.  Well I'm off to eat take out Chinese food with the family.  I can't believe we've never eaten take out Chinese in our home..... there's a first time for everything.... hugs and love!

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