My angels

My angels

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Today is the beginning of a new chapter

Well I've been using that creative side of my brain and it is making me oh so happy. I figure starting a blog will give me yet another outlet, instead of blowing up my facebook status updates with all the things I'm doing.  I don't really understand the whole world of blogging, but I am probably thinking it is more complicated than it really is which leads to my first subject.  Canning.  My mother has been canning for years.  She learned from her Grandmother, Ma-Maw.  I had a small interest in it a few years ago but I did not have the energy or patience to learn.  At the time I had an adorable high need, curious, intelligent baby Jack, who was in demand.  Jack hasn't changed much but, he is now in pre-k and busy learning during the day.  I have found now that I am not working out of the home, I have a lot more time to try new things and incorporate some learning experiences for my son Gabriel who is "two half." He loves to entertain himself with his trucks and trains.  His big thing is riding his power wheel John Deere tractor around the yard and putting sticks and rocks in the bucket and trailer.  He calls it working, I call it precious.

At any rate I had my first go at canning the other day and I'm in love.  It is not nearly as much work as I anticipated.  I love the process and most of all the beautiful jars of delight sitting on my countertop. I had a bunch of Granny Smith apples that I didn't want to go to waste, so I made an apple-cranberry relish in hopes of adding a little flare to my turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.  Today I made some caramel applesauce.  It turned out a bit more tart than I had hoped but it will make a delicious glaze for ham or pork, so I'm excited.  The boys didn't mind either they gobbled it down with dinner tonight.

I have been really enjoying the fall.  The leaves in Hanover Co are absolutely gorgeous, I'm so grateful to be able to enjoy the little things in life....  I planted some pansies the other day and I'm hoping they are going to pop because they are looking a little puny.  I have also been tye-dying white shirts- all of the ones I could find in my house and many others that were donated to project WITH LOVE!  My friend Jen Lane started this beauty- tie-dying  refurbished or new white t-shirts and giving them to the needy with a bag of granola.  I got in on that deal because I really needed to get out of myself and in to helping others.  Those dag on Frye boots I obsessed over for months were not making me feel very good, although I do still love the boots.  I feel much better helping others than obsessing on what i want or think i need.  I have also gotten a head start on Christmas gifts this year which is incredible for me.  With all of that said I will post some pictures and try to figure all of this blog stuff out until next time......hugs and love.

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  1. I love this Mck!! What a great idea, you are always posting the wonderful things that you do on Facebook and I think this is a fantastic way to elaborate! I will definitely be one of the blog "followers". Those dang frye boots! ah laud!